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Welcome to Stoke Housing – your local property buying company specialising in fast property sales. If you live in Stoke-on-Trent, Crewe or the North Staffordshire area and need to sell your house fast, we are here to make that happen for you. Whatever the style or condition of your house, we’re here to get you the easy and quick house sale you’re looking for. We buy all sorts of different residential properties and can give you a fast cash offer on your house within days, without obligation.

Why Sell Your House Fast for Cash?

Over the years we’ve been helping people sell their house quick for many reasons. People don’t always have the time to be going through the process of selling through estate agents. We are here to help you get your cash fast. You may be relocating and want your asset turned into cash quickly. Our services is perfect for other scenarios such as:

  • Divorce
  • Natural Reasons i.e. Flooding
  • Inheritance
  • Facing Repossession

We won’t turn down your house, we accept them in any condition. You no longer need to stress about being able to sell your home for the much-needed cash. We know that we help people when they need it most. That’s why we ensure the process is hassle free and quick. You can use Stoke Housing to sell your house fast for straight cash.

We can give you the best offer for cash on your house within days, without obligation:


Does your house need a little redecoration or major refurbishment? Got a leaky roof or potential structural faults? Not a problem. We buy houses & flats in any condition.


We're looking for property in any part of Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme or areas around the Potteries - in fact anywhere in North Staffordshire or South Cheshire.


We can make you a cash offer on the day we view your property! Sales are usually completed in two weeks. Sell your house fast with no chain and pick a date to move that suits you.


No hidden fees. No survey necessary. Plus we pay all the legal costs incurred in any sale.

Easy Steps to Sell Your House Fast in Stoke

1. Enquire by phone, text or email

2. Book a Viewing

We’re local so can often visit your property on the same day & make you a guaranteed offer there & then.

3. Happy with our Quote?

There’s no obligation. If you do want to sell we sort out all the paperwork.

4. Complete Sale

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To sell your house fast call Stoke Housing now on 01782 624542

How our Housing Services Can Help You:

  • ​​Stop mortgage repossessions today
  • Inherited property
  • Emigration
  • ​​Make an offer on your dream home
  • Sort out debts
  • Divorce & clean breaks

Selling Your House Fast in Stoke and Crewe - FAQs

Selling your house is a big deal and you’re bound to have questions. We’ve listed some of the most common questions but please give us a call if anything’s still unclear, we’d love to help. If you prefer email any questions and we’ll get back to you. There’s no obligation at all.

There are a number of advantages but the most obvious are that you can sell your house fast, it’s guaranteed and there are no overheads that have to be deducted from the sale price. For example when selling property by auction the fees can run into the £1000’s and Estate Agent fees are usually more. You might wait months to sell your house through the usual methods, rather than two weeks if you accept an offer from Stoke Housing.

On the day we view your property. We only buy houses in North Staffordshire and South Cheshire which is where we’re based – because of this we can arrange to visit your property usually within 24 hours. Any viewing will be conducted by a trained valuer with the authority to make an offer there and then.

No. Because we’ve seen your property before any offer is made we guarantee not to reduce that offer if you accept it. We’re able to make that promise because we properly assess your house before the offer is made. We don’t make offers on the basis of a few details provided over the internet and we won’t make unrealistic offers just to get you interested in using us.

We expect to complete the sale – and transfer the proceeds in full – within two weeks of your acceptance of our offer. If your property is in danger of being repossessed we can halt the repossession immediately.

It may be possible to sell your house at full market value if you’re prepared to wait. We will make you a fair offer but it will include some discount to reflect the fact that it’s an immediate cash sale. On the other hand it’s worth remembering that you will not need to pay legal fees,  estate agent fees or auction house commissions which would normally have to be deducted from the sale proceeds. 

Yes,  Stoke Housing will deal with all the legal issues and other procedures that need to take place. We wouldn’t expect this to usually cause any delay. All you’ll need to do is choose your own solicitor, although we will pay their reasonable fees. We aim to make the process as hassle free as possible.

Why should you choose Stoke Housing for fast House Buying Services?

1. We're Local

We only buy houses in Stoke, Crewe & the surrounding areas, so our reputation in Staffordshire & Cheshire is important to us.

We’re also based nearby so we arrange to view your house quickly, making you an offer based on our experience & knowledge of the local property market. We don’t just rely on a postcode, which can give you greater piece of mind from the start.

2. We're Friendly & Personal!

There’s no national call centre to deal with. We started as a family business and we continue to provide personal service tailored to your needs.

3. Stoke Housing will give you a fair price for your house

Your house sale won’t have to pay for that call centre. Or national TV and newspaper adverts. We’re sure we can give you a better cash offer than the national companies, so give us a call and put us to the test.

4. We won't reduce our offer once accepted. Guaranteed.

Some sell-house-fast businesses will make a reasonable offer and then substantially reduce that offer just before the house sale is due to complete. We think it’s unfair and is little more than a fast house sale scam – generating bad press for the industry as a whole. We will never reduce our offer once accepted.

5. We really are house buyers. We buy houses for cash!

A number of companies advertise that “We Buy Any House Fast” or with other promises to sell your house fast. Many of these are not looking to buy property at all, but to sell the ‘lead’ to people that actually want to buy houses – and that will reduce the offer you’re likely to receive. We really want to buy your house!

House Not Selling? Stoke Housing is Here to Help

Private house sales are a difficult process to manage and can cause a lot of stress for the seller when it’s not going well. We know how frustrating it can be to wonder ‘why can’t I sell my house?’ when you’ve tried everything you can to push the sale through.

Don’t worry we’re fast, trustworthy, reliable buyers of houses in Stoke and will take all the stress out of the process for you. We love our local area and can guarantee to give you a better price than other house buying companies in the UK.

Faster Than The UK Average Time to Sell a House - Guaranteed!

Stoke Housing doesn’t mess around when it comes to fast house sales. We’ll buy your house and we’ll buy it now! You can receive an offer from us within a matter of days and we aim to have the cash in your account within two weeks.

If you’re tired of waiting around for your house to sell and just want to get the ball rolling quickly, please get in touch on 01782 624542 or use our form at the top of the page to get a free quote in no time at all! We look forward to hearing from you.

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