Can Stoke Housing help you sell your house quickly?

Yes. There are lots of ways in which a fast cash offer for your house can work for you!

Inherited Property

Perhaps property has been inherited by two or three members of the same family. Everyone agrees that it would be best to sell the house - but who's going to show potential buyers around? Who's going to sort a leaking pipe or deal with the lawyers? What happens if family members live away from the Crewe or Stoke area and can't spare the time and inconvienience...

Stoke Housing take away the hassle that comes with selling a house.

It's also worth knowing that if the proceeds of a cash sale are to be divided between two or three siblings the difference between full market value and a fast cash price will be negligible for each family member.



Moving abroad presents plenty of challenges whether it's for work, a fresh start or even to retire in the sun. Selling your house fast can become a real priority.

The advantages of a fast cash sale to Stoke Housing are obvious :

  • You'll know where you stand financially before you leave the UK.
  • You won't need to leave your house sale in the care of an estate agent whilst you're in a different country.
  • You don't have to wait to sell - you will be able to sell your house fast.


Divorce & Separation

Two of the most diffcult life events can take place when we are faced with divorce or separation. In addition to the emotional turmoil of relationship breakdown you probably won't welcome the stress of having to sell your house too.

At Stoke Housing we do our best to minimise this problem. A fast house sale means you can deal with debts and divide assets more quickly, allowing both parties to move on.

A quick - and guaranteed - offer from Stoke Housing may also help to narrow the issues between separating parties, by providing some certainty in the always unpredictable housing market.


Stop House Repossessions

Whatever the stage of proceedings we can help - before proceedings begin, upon notification of a court hearing or even after you have been served with an eviction notice - Stoke Housing can help stop your home being repossessed.

Selling your house quickly is often the best way to avoid repossession, a bad credit history and entry on the repossession registry - and all the extra costs that you'll be held liable for should the bank sell your house.

If repossession is looming don't delay. Call us now. We're sympathtic and we can buy your house fast for cash with a guaranteed quick offer. You can then decide if a cash sale is the best way forward for you.


Buy Your Dream House

Traditional house selling arrangements can be a real pain. And filled with uncertainty and delay.

A fast cash sale to Stoke Housing can free you from the property chain - letting you make an immediate offer on the dream property you've spotted, without waiting months (or longer) to sell your house.

As our offers are guaranteed you can be sure we won't change our mind.

You can even get a fast cash offer from us to keep as a "Plan B" should your house sale fall through at the last moment!


Sort Out Your Debts

A quick house sale to Stoke Housing can get your finances back in order.

Sometimes no matter how hard you try you just can't seem to get on top of credit card debt, overdrafts or pay-day loans.

Wipe out these debts - and those horrible APR's - and get a new start in life without the threatening letters. Financial problems are often short term and selling your house quickly can give you the breathing space to plan for the future.

If you think we can help give us call.

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